I was always quite duhz when tasked to set up a Facebook account. Last time, it was a Friendster account. By the way, I was talking about my own personel account, not Glitterfly. Glitterfly was set up in Nov/Dec 2009. Remember?

Hurhur, okie. Each time I set up a social web account... its like doing times all over again. Edit my personel profile, upload pics, add friends, design my web account etc... it can take almost a whole day to do it. I am a slow person and my internet connection speed is also as slow as myself. Hence, I hate setting up a new social web account. Hahaha!! Kudos to anyone who likes doing such stuff.

Worst of all, if no friends accept my requests how? Super paiseh, u know... If less than 100 friends... its a super super paiseh thing leh. But anyhow, no choice... somebody got to do it.

So, be my friend okie? Online lah! Not asking you to go Starbucks with me lah. Just sometimes "send flower" or "poke"on Facebook can liao. If can, buy a few items along to way. Who knows, if Glitterfly made it BIG, we have a special Facebook member discounts. Heehee... okie, all our customers prosper with us and we give each other discounts.

Okie... me back to continue with setting up our Glitterfly Facebook account.

Cheers, Singapore Girl

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