How to buy?

1. Place your order:
Email in the following format:

Contact No:
Payment Mode: Bank Transfer / Meet up
Collection Mode: Postage / Meet up
Address (If applicable):

Name of Item:
Seller Nick:
Item Price (一口价):
Domestic Shipping (快递):
Colour / Size / Quantity:
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2. Calculation of fees and charges
♥ 1st Payment: We will calculate the fees & charges and revert to you within 24hours.
♥ 2nd Payment: Total amount for the international delivery charges would be calculated by the transport company.

International delivery charges (approximate)
0.5kg - NT220
1.0kg - NT275
1.5kg - NT330
2.0kg - NT385
2.5kg - NT440
3.0kg - NT495
3.5kg - NT550
4.0kg - NT605
4.5kg - NT660
5.0kg - NT715

*There are only 2 payments.

3. Make Payments:
You can either pay via internet banking or atm machine.
Please keep your receipt after transferring if it is paid via atm.

All payments to be made to: DBS Savings 011-6-033883  

4. Confirm your Order:
Please sms your name, bank account number & email address to Glitterfly (hp: 9852-1462).
Once payment is received, an invoice would be sent to your email account.

No payment, no orders.

♥ An average of 2-3 weeks is required from the date of order to the delivery of goods to Singapore. In the event of "out-of-stocks" or other unforseen circumstances, all payments are to be refunded.

♥ A weekly email would be sent to keep Buyers informed of their order status, any unforseen circumstances would be immediately communicated and rectified.

5. Collect your Orders:
Once your order is received in Singapore, please pick up at Bugis (at our physical shop during office hours) or meet-up at SengKang (after office hours). By default, all goods would be sent out via registered mail at an extra $2.24 (subjected to weight of parcel).

Please feel free to email us at for further enquires.