Fees and Charges

Exchange rate 
♥ 20NTD = 1SGD

Agent fees
♥ 10%

Handling fees (Ongoing promotion: All items at $0.50 each during this festive season. )
♥ 1-3 items ($1.80/item)
♥ 4-7 items ($1.50/item)
♥ > 8 items ($1.00/item)

We charge a flat fee of SGD$2 for small items such as facial/eyemasks (up to 150 pieces). 

Delivery charges
Depends on the selected mode of delivery and weight. Glitterfly does not charge additional on delivery. All delivery charges would be directly paid to the shipping providers.

For example, you bought a NTD100 item, the calculations would be like this:

Item Cost: NTD100
Domestic shipping: NTD60
Agent fees: 10% * (100) = NTD10
Subtotal: NTD170
International shipping: SGD2.00 (Approximate)
Handling fees: SGD0.50
Total: [170/20] + [0.50 + 2] = SGD11.00

The main costs are the international delivery and handling charges. Hence, the more items ordered, the lower the international delivery and handling fees. Not a bad idea to start finding like-minded pals to order together wor~~

Local postage
We do not recommend normal local postage. Meetups (Bugis/ SengKang) and registered postage is highly recommended. We strive to cut down further costs, but the delivery of the goods to our customers is also very important.