First post of this place. First of all, let us introduce ourselves. I am based in Singapore and our precious agent is in Taiwan. We are a 2 girl team. Common interest: Shopping. Common dislike: Creepy insects.

Currently, as I blog. I am wearing a singlet with aircon on full blast. On the other hand, my Taiwanese partner is wrapped in a jacket... drinking hot tea. There, we have summer in Singapore and winter in Taiwan.

And both of us are msning frequently. Discussing about the oncoming Christmas plans. Too bad, its Christmas season and all the flights were either fully booked, or its crankily expensive. I very much wanted to fly to Taipei and watch the 101 fireworks. However, my Taiwanese partner thought spending Christmas on Sentosa island is more interesting. Hahah. Hence, we can only dream about it.  

Okie, since its the first post. I shall not nag too much. Enjoy your stay. And thank you for visiting *smiles*

Regards, Singapore Girl

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